My Kent Moore Experience

August 29 was a day that changed the lives of my family forever. We received 52 inches of rain in just 38 hours on my little street. I've lived in Katy for more than 30 years and I have never seen devastation like Harvey left behind.

When the dust settled and it was time to pull our boot straps up and rebuild - my husband and I began to research cabinets along with many other items. We knew the reputation of Kent Moore and decided to call. After a few weeks we called again knowing everyone was overwhelmed and not just those of us that flooded. Erik called us back within a few hours and scheduled an appt.

Again we knew how big the storm was and how big the devastation circle reached yet from the moment we met Erik we felt welcomed, important and cared for. We didn't feel rushed or pressured. He was honest and kind and laid out reality for us as for the time line and process.

More dust settled and more days passed.  The office staff made sure we were up to date and informed about the process. Soon the infamous delivery day came. The men who drove the truck and dropped off our cabinets were timely and patient. They dropped off our cabinets amongst the mess of trim carpenters and plywood. They never complained or batted an eyelash. They were quick and careful.

The next day we met Jose and Abraham and got to know their story. I love the fact that Jose and his sons are all in the same business. I love their passion and knowledge of the product they are working with. They made sure I understood what was happening and how it would happen. They calmed my nerves when I got emotional and cried at the sight of the gorgeous site of your product hanging on my wall. You have hired quality employees in these two. Hang onto them. They are both amazing men who have not just a skill for hanging and installing cabinets but dealing with people as well. That's a quality I enjoy and admire.

From for the first time since August 29, I personally feel like I can begin to heal and rebuild not just my house but my home. As cheesy as it sounds, your product and your people helped to me get to this place.  Thank you for standing behind your beautiful products, hiring knowledgeable employees, kind employees and helping my family to feel while again.

May God continue to bless Kent Moore and your employees.
Kym P.
Katy, Texas