Air Quality

Air Quality

Texas Environmental Excellence AwardKent Moore Cabinets is the proud recipient of the Texas Environmental Excellence Award from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, as a result of the tremendous contribution to cleaner air throughout the finishing process.

The waterborne stain, seal and topcoat products used by KMC are the most environmentally friendly finish components used anywhere in the world.  Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions are extremely low in this type of finish.

100% of Particleboard and MDF purchased meets the formaldehyde emission level of the CPA EPPS CPA-2-06 Specification.


From one of our valued home builders...

“Good health begins with clean air. Green Builders generates and preserves exceptional air quality throughout our homes by utilizing cabinets that are built and finished with materials that greatly reduce ”off-gassing”. This is why we have chosen Kent Moore Cabinets as our cabinet supplier of choice.”