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"Kitchen cabinet trends: paint ’em and keep ’em closed" -, via Kent Moore Cabinets / by Richard A. Marini


If the kitchen is the heart of the modern home, where friends and family tend to gravitate, then the cabinets should be as welcoming as the food and drink served there — while at the same time making the kitchen more efficient and easier to use.

Trends such as the moving up of open kitchen cabinets for displaying objects and the increasing popularity of oating shelves, multiple paint colors and nifty organizers all will make the kitchen a room you and your guests enjoy spending time in.

On The top trends in high-end kitchen counter tops.

And if you hesitate to pick something trendy when committing to such a large expenditure, don’t, advises Kelly Parrish Walker, vice president marketing of Parrish & Co.

“Everything is a trend and, yes, trends change,” she said. “But you’re not going to have the same tastes in 10 years that you have today. So pick what you love today because you’re going to want to love the space you’re living in.”


Here’s a look at some of what’s new in kitchen cabinets:

Open kitchen cabinets: Cabinet boxes without doors appear to be losing their luster, at least when it comes to storing everyday dishes and glasses.

“We do a lot of kitchens, but I’m not hearing as many people say they’ve just got to have open shelving these days,” said Rodney Hill, with Hill Brothers Construction. “People ask about them, and maybe they’ll do an open wine rack. But I think people are getting tired of having to keep things clean and presentable all the time.”

An exception to this rule: millennials — at least those few who are in a position to buy a home and renovate the kitchen.

“While baby boomers might not want to get rid of grandma’s china collection that they’ve had for years, younger homeowners aren’t as nostalgic,” said Melven E. Belt., Jr., regional sales manager for the San Antonio of ce of Kent Moore Cabinets. “They don’t have or want multiple sets of dishes.”

Millennials don’t cook or entertain at home like their parents do, opting instead for takeout or Blue Apron instead. So they like the convenience of open cabinets where they can just grab what they need and go.

Older clients who want open cabinets are stacking them above the main cabinets more for display purposes.

“When kitchen ceilings are 9 or 10 feet high, there is plenty of room to add a second level of cabinets on top of the rst,” said Kyle Rowden, vice president of development for Kent

Kent Moore Cabinets, which is based in Bryan but has a showroom in Schertz. These upper cabinets store holiday dishes, like grandma’s Spode Thanksgiving china, or to display collectibles, small plants, even children’s artwork.

Floating shelves: These differ from open cabinets in that there are no cabinet boxes. Connected to the wall, these shelves appear to be suspended in midair.

While oating shelves have long been found in living rooms and bedrooms, they’re newer to the kitchen, according to Belt, and can often be found anking the vent hood above the stove. While oating shelving can hold everyday dishes, they’re more often used to display collectibles and other small items.

“The shelves accentuate the hood, making it pop,” he said. “But they also reduce the heft you’d have if you put more traditional cabinets there instead.”

Paint, don’t stain: Today’s kitchen cabinets are more likely to be painted than stained. Gray continues to be the go-to color, according to Parrish, although fresh blues, such as navy, are increasingly popular with trendy consumers.

But you don’t have to pick just one color for the whole kitchen, either. Upper cabinets could be a lighter color set off by darker lowers. Or it can mean painting the kitchen island or peninsula one color so they pop against the main cabinets painted a complementary color.

“I’m seeing people mixing different colors a lot more,” she said.

Gregory and Vanessa J-Douglas went this route when they recently renovated their Garden Ridge home. The large island is painted platinum gray while the rest of the cabinets are cappuccino brown.

“I like it so it’s not so matchy-matchy,” she said. “If everything was the same color, it’d be overwhelming.”

Organizers: Even after they select the cabinets, a homeowner’s job isn’t done. There are plenty of products that can be added to help keep the kitchen organized and running smoothly.

Hidden storage racks: Whether above the refrigerator or in that blind corner area under the counter, these shelving units make use of every square inch of space. Open the cabinet door
and the attached shelves pivot out, making it easier to nd what you’re looking for

Suggested retail prices, above the refrigerator, $304; counter corner, $946 from Rev- AShelf.

Plastic container storage: This two-level storage drawer makes wrangling all those reusable food containers a breeze. The upper half has adjustable clip-on dividers for storing the covers, the lower half has movable racks for organizing the container bottoms. From $286 from Rev-A-Shelf.

Double tiered cutlery organizer: Store twice as much cutlery, utensils and other items. From $123 from Rev-A-Shelf.

“Garage door” kitchen cabinet: Vertical lift doors raise and lower to hide countertop appliances such as toasters and mixers, keeping them out of sight but easy to access. From Kent Moore Cabinets, $250.

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How does a company manufacture up to 1,000 custom-made cabinets a day?

With hard-work, cutting-edge technology, and hundreds of thousands of barcodes.
By Kenneth W. Smith Jr.

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Stepping onto the production floor at Kent Moore Cabinets, Ltd.’s Fountain Avenue facility
in Bryan, the first thing that you notice is the sound. The hum and whine of machinery is
everywhere. Immediately you understand that this is not your father’s woodworking shop
in the garage. This is a 24-7 operation that is capable of producing as many as 1,000 custom-
made cabinets in a day.


Thousands of pieces of wood lie stacked in piles small and large. Some are plain, large
boards. Some are ornately carved custom crown molding pieces. But they all have one thing in
common. They all have a barcode.

Kent Moore is a “pioneer of mass customization in the custom cabinet industry,” said Teresa
Galliher, Vice President of Marketing. “The barcodes on the pieces are scanned at different
stations, so we know when a piece has passed through each checkpoint.”

That seems like a necessity in this environment because when they say “mass,” they mean
it. Walking through the 160,000 square-foot facility, it seems the different production
stations go on forever. And this is only one of two production facilities in Bryan.
Kent Moore Cabinets uses 2.3 million board-feet of lumber per year. That’s a lot of wood.
Turning all of that lumber into custom cabinets requires workers and technology. The company
employs more than 515 people in a variety of roles, and their newest robotic equipment helps
make the jobs of many of those workers easier.

“The biggest improvement is the way the routers and the intellistore work together,” Galliher said.
Okay, so what are “routers” and the “intellistore”? Routers are large computer numeric controlled
machines with conveyor-belts that seem to do it all when cutting and turning large sheets of material into
parts for a custom cabinet job. And the intellistore? Well, that’s just plain cool.

The intellistore has a robotic arm that hangs high in the air, attached to multidirectional tracks, hovering
over more than two dozen stacks of fibreboard and other wood materials. The intellistore is programmed
to know exactly which type of board is supposed to go into any given router’s process at any given time.
So, when one of the routers is ready for a new piece of material, the intellistore slides to a position above
the appropriate material stack, drops down, and with four large suction cups, lifts the next sheet of board
into the air. It then glides over to the appropriate router and places the board on the conveyor belt to
begin processing.

“Before we bought these new routers, every router was hand loaded. Meaning our operators had to
manually load 5-by-10 sheets of HDF (high-density fibreboard) and other sheet goods all day long.
Fatigue and time in between cutting cycles were a big issue,” according to Executive Vice President
Kenny Bolline. “With the new system, the intellistore is doing all the heavy lifting, and the only thing our
operators have to do is unload cut parts. Now, there is about a minute of downtime between cycles, and
our operators are not subject to injury and fatigue like before. Now we are able to cut more sheets faster
and our operators are happier!”

Efficiency permeates other areas of the facility as well. Energy-efficient LED lighting was installed at all
of Kent Moore’s facilities over the past few years in partnership with BTU’s SmartBUSINESS program. The
new lighting provides employees with a better view of the work they’re doing, saves the company money
on electric bills, and helps reduce overall demand on BTU for electricity.

Aligned with that efficiency is a commitment to quality and a culture of teamwork. Every piece
of cabinetry produced by Kent Moore Cabinets is thoroughly inspected at critical control points to make
sure that the finished product is defect-free. Striving for perfection requires attention to detail throughout
the production process.

There is an acronym used at Kent Moore: R.I.P.I.T. It stands for: Receive, Inspect, Process, Inspect, Transfer.
This is a mantra for workers on the production lines. Receive your part, inspect it, perform your work,
inspect it again, and then transfer it to the next station.

All around the employee break room, you see similar slogans and statements of the company’s mission:
“Customer satisfaction is what you make it, at KMC we make it our business.” “The ten keys to success in
business today are: 1. Quality, 2. Service ... the other eight don’t matter.” It is a vision that is shared and
embraced by employees.

“I love working at Kent Moore Cabinets,” said Mike Joiner, HR/Safety Director. “Because they challenge
me to be better every day.”

By Kenneth W. Smith Jr.

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Kent Moore Cabinets would like to recognize our Employee of the Year, Londell Blue, III, along with a host of other award winners.

2018 MVP – Billy Williamson

Craftsman of the Year – Eloy Jimenez

Operator of the Year – Mark Castro

Team Leader of the Year – Fred Hawkins

Team Member of the Year – Mark Sikes

Production Newcomer of the Year – Tanner Lowry

Truck Driver of the Year – Nelson Reyes

Newcomer of the Year – Allison McKinney

Hurricane Harvey Hero Award – Pam Morgan, Angelia Munoz, Sylvia DeAses

Service Technician of the Year East – Jhon Arango

Service Technician of the Year West – Joseph Lamanna

Salesperson of the Year East – Stephen Rowe

Salesperson of the Year West – Patrick Martin

Customer Satisfaction Award

Debbie Abbott

Christopher Green

Marian Houston

Aaron Farmer

Judy Savage

Caley Tomlinson

Stephanie Reta

Kelly Brody

Edwina Drake

Innovation Award

Mike Supak

Dependability Award

T. J. Houston

Leadership Award

Robert Sosnowski

Craftsmanship Award

Ramon Macias

Dynamic Duo Award

Micah Hollis

Erica Perez 

Carpe Manana Award

Trey Stephens


Cecil Banks


Traditional Assembly Doors: Kent Moore Cabinets traditionally assembled doors are constructed with a Cope & Stick joint that have multiple tooling choices which offer a vast variety of design  options.

They can have different center panels to give them even more unique looks, and these door styles will accept different outside edges.

Miter Frame Assembly Doors: Miter frame assembly doors come together at 45 degree angles in the corners.

These doors are milled and  constructed differently to give the fronts contours that cannot be achieved with traditional assembly.

Miter frame doors can have different center panels to give them even more unique looks. Flat Center Panel The center panel of the door is flat, beaded, or V-Grooved.

Flat Panel Doors:  Flat Panel Doors are often favored by those who prefer sleek, clean designs and can be traditional, transitional and even contemporary.

They can be built from HDF (High Density Fiberboard), plywood, and solid lumber based on the tooling, material and finish.

Raised Center Panel: The center panel of the door is raised with a profile or contour.  Raised panel cabinet doors are the most common traditional and transitional styles.

They can be built from HDF (High Density Fiberboard), veneered assembly, and solid lumber based on the tooling,material and finish.

Open Center:  The center of a door can be left open to accept glass.

Slab Cabinet Doors: A slab door is a flat door with no frame or panel.

Slab cabinet doors are intentionally simplistic and are usually selected for transitional and contemporary designs.

They can be made from HDF (High Density Fiberboard) or a veneered assembly.

Routed Cabinet Doors: Routed cabinet doors are one-piece doors that are  precision cut on a CNC router to the exact size and shape specified.

They are cut from HDF (High Density Fiberboard) and are strongly preferred when painting, due to their consistent acceptance of paint and the absence of joints. 

Most Kent Moore Cabinets traditionally assembled doors can be made in a router version.

Kent Moore Cabinets Holds 2017 Year End Awards Ceremonies and Recognizes Exemplary Employees at Christmas Luncheons.

Top honors went to Melven Belt, San Antonio Regional Manager, as Employee of the Year, and Cleveland Brown, CNC Operator, as 2017 All Star MVP.


Quality Service Award

Debits, Credits and Details Team-

Lucy Collins, Angie Munoz, Pam Morgan, Sylvia DeAses

Andrew Bockelmann

Gitter Done Award

Steve Stevens

Chris Monroe

Dynamic Duo Award

Bertha Torres

JoAnn Brown

Hero Award

Daniel Macias

Customer Satisfaction Award

Debbie Daw

Daniel Teston

President’s Award

Collin Rowden



Cleveland Brown

Craftsman of the Year   

Brian Luce

Operator of the Year  

James Jones

Team Leader of the Year

Daniel Gordon

Team Member of the Year

Enrique Amaro

Production Newcomer of the Year

Carlton Mersereau            

Inspector of the Year

Ricarda Martinez

Hero Award

 TJ Houston

Charles Gooden

McGuyver Award

Calvin Tynes

Dynamic Duo Award

Jorge Lucio

Claudia Macias

Quality Service Award

David Gonzales

President’s Award

Maria Rodriguez

Tony Macias

Gustavo Morales

Chad Brumfield

Customer Satisfaction Award

Mark Sikes

Truck Driver of the Year

Darron Fort


Sales Manager of the Year

Randy Norton

Service Tech of the Year

Patrick Friddell

Customer Satisfaction Award 

Chris Cardenas

President’s Award

Wendy Gonzales

Newcomer of the Year

Joseph Lamanna

Quality Service Award

Thomas Brun

Alex Garza

Hero Award

Eric Paulin

Employee of the Year

Melven Belt


Sales Manager of the Year

Bill Stutts

Service Tech of the Year

 Tony Lara

 Newcomer of the Year

 Tim Moore

 Customer Satisfaction Award

Jeremy Kirby

Rebecca Lozano

Arron Farmer

Quality Service Award

David Marbach

Jhon Arrango

President’s Award

Eric Scheunemann

Gary Sherry

Dallin Jeffery

Special Awards

Hurricane Harvey Heroes Award

KMC Team Houston

Drafting Team

PRESS RELEASE! December 1, 2017

Kent Moore Cabinets Awarded Lone Star Safety Award!

The Kent Moore Cabinets Stone City Plant received the Lone Star Safety Award from the Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers Compensation.

The award was presented on Friday, December 1, 2017, by Commissioner Ryan Brannan during a ceremony and reception attended by all Kent Moore Cabinets Stone City employees, KMC management and local dignitaries. The award was made in recognition of exemplary workplace safety and low incidence rates of work related injuries and illnesses.

Companies must be recommended by an accredited safety professional for the award, then must qualify through records and further inspections by the state. Casey Moore, President of Kent Moore Cabinets, congratulated the workforce for the achievement and honor of receiving the award. Kent Moore, founder and CEO, also spoke to the workforce, and recognized the team for the safety record and receiving the Lone Star Safety Award.

About the company:

Established in 1971, Kent Moore Cabinets is the largest custom cabinet manufacturer in Texas and is headquartered right here in Bryan. The company employs over 530 employees, including about 200 at the Stone City Drive location. Kent Moore Cabinets is a participant in the OSHCON program and has a strong safety culture that involves employees at every level. With the latest in machine technology, computer-aided design, and the most environmentally friendly finish found anywhere in the world today, Kent Moore Cabinets is the custom cabinet maker of choice for discriminating Texans.

For further details, contact VP Marketing Teresa Galliher at 979 775-2906

September 21, 2017

Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley recognized local employers who have had a significant impact on growing and improving the labor force in the Brazos Valley. 

Kent Moore Cabinets was recognized in two areas. Kent Moore Cabinets will be recognized statewide at the 21st Annual Workforce Conference in Dallas on November 30th.

2017 Employer of Excellence Award Winner Kent Moore Cabinets.

(left to right) Robert Orzabal- Workforce Solutions Chair presents award to Mike Joiner of Kent Moore Cabinets.

Kent Moore Cabinets was named the Employer of Excellence for the company’s collaboration with WSBV to build capacity to meet economic and workforce objectives for the local community and the state as a whole through the execution of innovative initiatives such as Externship for Teachers, Site Based Literacy educational development for employees, the Workforce Innovative and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Out of School Youth Work Experience Program, and the Helping Youth Prepare for Employment program. Kent Moore Cabinets mission is to improve the quality of productivity by creating a culture of pride and teamwork driven by integrity and the commitment and desire to be the best. This applies to their vision which is to provide the best quality and service in the custom homebuilding market. 

The employer has offices in BCS, Austin, Dallas, Houston/Richmond/Spring /Clear Lake areas and San Antonio. Kent Moore Cabinets has grown from a staff of three to over 500 employess across the state of Texas, which is evidenced by their mission to provide quality service in a culture that projects pride and community teamwork.

2017 Adult Education and Literacy Partnership Award Kent Moore Cabinets

Robert Orzabal- Workforce Solutions Chair presents award to Mike Joiner of Kent Moore Cabinets.

Kent Moore Cabinets was also presented with the Adult Education and Literacy Partnership Award, based on contributing to the Workforce Solutions system by allowing site based literacy classes to their employees on site. They provided the space and helped recruit employees while Workforce Solutions provided the teacher. This gives employees the opportunity for improved English skills, gain promotions and improves their morale. For the company this improves employee safety and retention.

Kent Moore Cabinets once again, has won the prestigious Star Award for the best statewide show room. The new award winning San Antonio show room is located at 6696 Tri-County Pkwy in Schertz.

Kent Moore Cabinets has also won the Star Award for the Best Website.

On July 29, 2017 at a ceremony held at the Omni Hotel at the Colonnade in San Antonio, Kent Moore Cabinets proudly accepted the coveted Summit Award for the Best Showroom.



What began as a small side job to support the cost of higher education at Texas A&M University in 1971, has blossomed into a long-term, successful business. Kent Moore Cabinets, Ltd., named after its founder, is a leader in custom built cabinetry serving homeowners and independent contractors throughout Central Texas and beyond. With seven design centers across the lone star state, it doesn’t matter which one a customer visits; their custom cabinetry order is made right here in Bryan.

Don't get taken by imitators:

Advisory - Watch out for the impersonators.  

At Kent Moore Cabinets we know it is important to be satisfied with your cabinet purchase.

This article offers Guidance on how to purchase "Authentic Kent Moore Cabinets."

By Mark Shaver, Kent Moore Cabinets Regional Manager

One of my fonder memories of childhood is the excitement I felt on Christmas Eve, and the anticipation of the presents that would be waiting for me under the tree in the morning.

Unbeknownst to me, my father did not share my excitement. After I went to bed, he was faced with the task of dealing with all of the boxes marked as RTA (Ready To Assemble). It wasn’t until I had a son of my own that I realized what my dad went through.

Today, a host of products are offered as RTA, even cabinets. But to us here at Kent Moore Cabinets, RTA means ‘Ready To Admire’. All of our cabinets are manufactured and assembled by our craftsmen. This allows our products to be KCMA certified. The assembly of any product is only as good as the person assembling it.

All American Playhouse sponsored by Kemt Moore Cabinets.  Building new lives for homeless families and individuals through housing and community outreach.


There was a time in the cabinet industry when DIY meant a trip to the lumberyard to buy plywood, drawer guides, and a can of stain, so you could “Do It Yourself”.  Today, it has a different meaning.  DIY, here at Kent Moore Cabinets, means ‘Design It Yourself’, with a little help from KMC, of course.

KENT MOORE CABINETS                                                           
Awarded Best Of Houzz 2017    
Download PDF

Over 40 Million Monthly Unique Users Nominated Best Home Building,
Remodeling and Design Professionals in North America and Around the World

January 19, 2017 –Kent Moore Cabinets, headquartered in Bryan, Texas and with design centers in the major metropolitan areas of Texas, has won “Best Of Customer Service onHouzz®, the leading platform for home remodeling and design.


Nov 28, 2016


Just in time for Thanksgiving Day, The Dallas Cowboys starting offensive line, Ford, Fox Sports, and actor Denis Leary, teamed up to give Dallas Fire Station 43 a much-needed renovation.

See Story in the Bryan Eagle

Kent Moore Cabinets, a Texas company founded in 1971 by Aggie graduate Kent Moore, celebrated the end of the year by recognizing exceptional employees.


The only constant in life is change. The same is true for the cabinet industry. Style is fluid; constantly changing, evolving at a pace equal to the speed of our lives. Whether an in-town loft or a relaxed suburban retreat, our home is an extension of ourselves, and the cabinets in it are an extension of our lifestyle. As a cabinet manufacturer, we must constantly find new ways to marry product diversity with the cutting edge design elements that today’s market demands.

Building a new home today is quite different than it was in years gone by. From the standpoint of design, the line between cabinets and furniture has become blurred. Many pieces, once relegated to a furniture store, can now be designed and built along with the rest of your cabinets by your cabinet manufacturer.

Kent Moore Cabinets is one such manufacturer with the design flexibility and manufacturing techniques to create those specialty pieces that complete the perfect living environment.  One of the components that once differentiated furniture from cabinets is finish. The days of selecting from the five available stain colors are in the distant past.

Official Press Release for September 18, 2016

Award PDF


Each year Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley recognizes employers who have had a significant impact on growing the labor force in the Brazos Valley.

Every year presents a different set of challenges, and there are always employees who rise to the occasion and go the extra mile (or many extra miles) to help Kent Moore Cabinets be the best cabinet company in the great state of Texas. This year is no exception.

Kent Moore Cabinets would like to recognize those individuals who have exemplified their commitment to the success of KMC through their actions and deeds in 2015. For each, there is a reason they were selected for their award, and Kent Moore Cabinets greatly appreciates and recognizes their outstanding efforts.

Awards were made recently at the KMC Annual Christmas Party and Awards Luncheons. The following individuals demonstrated exceptional performance and dedication and were presented with special year-end awards.