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Don't get taken by imitators:

Advisory - Watch out for the impersonators.  

At Kent Moore Cabinets we know it is important to be satisfied with your cabinet purchase.

This article offers Guidance on how to purchase "Authentic Kent Moore Cabinets."

The facts:

  • KMC only sell Cabinets within the state of Texas.

  • Kent Moore Cabinets does not sell any cabinets online for any reason.

    • Anonymity for your own protection and security.
    • We would never want to compromise your family's security.   
    • We offer hidden room and door features so we do not want to store your transaction information online.  

  • Kent Moore Cabinets can only be purchased from one of our Design Centers.

  • We offer Complete turn key RTA - Ready to Admire Services.  

    • A Kent Moore Cabinet Specialist will professionally install your custom cabinets.

      The truth is we have our own Kent Moore Cabinet employees work for you through the entire process.   
      We do such a great job others want to say they are Kent Moore Cabinets.

      There are imposters who say they are Kent Moore Cabinets.

    • Here is an example imposter:

      Here is the FAKER Website - Fraudulently using the name Kent Moore Cabinets.