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What began as a small side job to support the cost of higher education at Texas A&M University in 1971, has blossomed into a long-term, successful business. Kent Moore Cabinets, Ltd., named after its founder, is a leader in custom built cabinetry serving homeowners and independent contractors throughout Central Texas and beyond. With seven design centers across the lone star state, it doesn’t matter which one a customer visits; their custom cabinetry order is made right here in Bryan.

There are two different plants, one in the Brazos Industrial Park on Stone City Drive and the other near Downtown Bryan on Fountain Avenue, with the Corporate Headquarters housed just across the street from the Stone City plant. The company’s commitment to ensuring a top-quality product is evident at each of these facilities. And it clearly begins with strategic investment to support a safe, pleasant working environment for their employees. Casey Moore, President of Kent Moore Cabinets speaks to this. “The new LED lighting has been a positive upgrade for us at Kent Moore Cabinets,” he shared. “The lights are much brighter and give our employees a better view of the work at hand. On top of that, there is a savings to our cost of electricity for lighting. Now that’s a win-win.”

A couple years ago, the company realized the significant benefit there was to be had by converting their existing fluorescent lighting to LED. So, they went for it. This project, in partnership with BTU’s SmartBUSINESS program that provides incentives for efficiency and reduces overall demand, is being completed in several phases and includes not only interior lighting but exterior lighting as well.

When asked how they moved forward with such an extensive project, the operations division shared that the process took a little planning but has been well worth the effort. The existing fluorescent and incandescent lighting set-up was evaluated, areas that could benefit the most from improved lighting were identified, then the remaining areas were prioritized, and as funding allowed, lights began being replaced.

A local energy management contractor specializing in the installation of LED lighting, MHSC, led the successful conversion of the Fountain and Stone City plants and continues to lead efforts at headquarters as they phase into new LED lighting on the interior. “Fountain and Stone City are 100% LED, inside and out,” shares Vice President of Operations Jack Marino. “The exterior lights here at our headquarters are also 100% LED and we are still working toward that same goal with the interior lighting. We get a lot better lighting for a lot better cost. There is a night and day difference between fluorescent and LED.” So why does lighting really matter to the company? Well, for this industry it means quite a bit. Every piece of finished cabinetry that is shipped from Kent Moore Cabinets, Ltd. is individually inspected to ensure a flawless product leaves the plant. Whether it is checking the raw materials or verifying the stain set properly, lighting plays an important role in making sure each customer is pleased with their purchase.

And of course, there are cost savings found through energy efficiency, reduced labor, and less frequent bulb replacements. “Unlike in a residential home, it is more difficult to see the trend of cost savings on our monthly utility bill,” explained Mr. Marino. “But it is evident over time across the board as we save on labor because we aren’t having to change fluorescent light bulbs or ballasts out and we save on the bulbs themselves since we aren’t having to replace them nearly as frequently,” shared Vice President Marino. “Only having to change out bulbs on a vaulted 30’ ceiling using a man-lift once every 10 years or so rather than each year, is certainly of benefit.”

The increased energy efficiency has a positive impact not only on their business but the entire BTU service area as well. “We have reduced the amount of energy we need freeing up energy needed by others here,” explains Mr. Marino. Bryan sits in the heart of the Brazos Valley and has been named one of the fastest growing cities in the state with expansive growth expected to continue. So, when businesses like Kent Moore Cabinets, Ltd. take measures to reduce their consumption, it has a positive and notable impact not only for their bottom line, but for each customer powered by BTU.

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