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Home InStyle Cover Fall 2011

By: Billy Mau
The Eagle Home in Style Magazine

Peter and Lisa Currie wanted a home that could serve as a place to entertain their Aggie friends and family. That’s exactly what they had by the time their sprawling Traditions home was finished in 2008. With space enough inside and out to accommodate more than 100 party guests, the Currie’s six-bedroom home has become a hotspot for special occasions and post-game football parties.

The A&M ties run deep in the Currie family. Both Peter and Lisa are Aggies, as are their three children – Jordan, Mitchell and Josh – and Lisa’s father was one of Bear Bryant’s Junction Boys. Even though the Currie’s live and work full time in Houston, they knew a house in Aggieland would not go unused. The couple frequently came back for A&M functions so building a home in the Traditions community was a natural choice.

Interior designer Paula Wyble was involved with the building of the home from the early design phase and continues to update her work during regular visits. The home is situated on two lots that back up to a creek running through the neighborhood. Plenty of mature trees dot both the front and backyards, something that attracted the Curries to the location. Visitors to the home are treated with great views of the natural setting, whether they are indoors or out.

Stepping through the front door places visitors in the large common area that serves as the heart of the house and is where people spend most of their time. The common area is made up of three distinct areas: the living room, the game room/wine room and the kitchen/dining room. There are no walls separating these areas, but each has its own unique setting thanks to the use of furniture or design elements.

The living room is at the center of the common area. The wall opposite the front door features a large, frameless window that opens into the back patio and pool area. This creates a depth beyond the physical boundaries of the room and affords both great views and natural lighting. A freestanding fireplace at the right of the room as viewed from the front door serves three purposes. The first, and most obvious, is as a fireplace. The Currie family really enjoys their fireplaces, with a total of 11 gracing the house. Secondly, the fireplace serves as the television stand with a flat screen unit built into the stone finish of the chimney column. Lastly, it serves as the boundary between the living room and the game room.

The highlight of the game room is the large, walk-in wine case capable of holding approximately 2,000 bottles. As impressive as the capacity is, it’s the doors that steal the show here. Standing 14 feet tall, each of the four panes of glass was carefully etched with a grapevine pattern. As involved as Wyble was with the design of this area, she did not want to be here when those large glass doors arrived because she was worried something might go wrong. “The day they came to install those doors, I had to leave,” Wyble said. “We’d waited a long time for those and it was so nerve-racking that I couldn’t watch. But everything came in beautifully.”

Across from the wine case and straddling the game room/living room line is a circular wet bar. Its position allows whoever is playing the role of bartender to have equal access to guests in either area and has its own great view of the backyard.

Traditions Residence - College Station Texas - Custom KitchenAt the opposite end of the living room is the kitchen and dining area. Since the house is used for entertaining, space is very important. A long serving bar separates the kitchen from the living room and serves as either a place to eat or a serving line for large gatherings. A large island counter in the middle of the kitchen is positioned to also operate as a serving station for gatherings with the wide walkways around it. When it’s just the family or student occupants around, the ample counter space gives the cook plenty of prep space whether he or she is cooking on the heavy-duty gas range or baking in the twin ovens. The large Kent Moore kitchen cabinets provide plenty of storage space that keeps the room free of clutter.

The dining area is a very unique feature in the house. The circular space actually pushes out into the back patio area and the frameless, rounded windows give the effect of being outside.

The backyard serves as an extension of the indoor common area. The same color schemes and stone patterns from the home’s interior and exterior are continued throughout the patio and poolside areas.

Closest to the house is the main patio, which features an outdoor kitchen, cozy outdoor seating, a fireplace and a television. This area is great for watching the game on mild evenings or having a summer cookout.

A walkway from the patio leads right to the hot tub and pool. The hot tub comes first, with its relaxing water and nearby fire pit, and is always popular with guests. Across the walkway and situated above the hot tub is the conversation pool. The conversation pool features in-pool seating and a great view of the rest of the backyard. Water from the conversation pool cascades down into the main pool. This deceptively large pool features a beach-style entrance, three waterfalls and a grotto. A large fire pit sits at the far end of the pool along with poolside seating, making it a social hub at the far end of the yard.

“This is such a great place for after a football game,” Wyble said. “After an Aggie game, there may be 100 people over here. The fire pits will be going, we’ll have tables set up all around here and kids will be playing on the putting green. It’s a lot of fun and guests really enjoy this area.”

Home InStyle Feature Story Fall 2011For those looking for more climate-controlled entertainment, the second floor of the house is the place to go with its billiard room and sound-insulated media room. The billiard room is decorated with Aggie memorabilia and connects to the second floor balcony that overlooks the backyard. Family and guests alike are able to enjoy a game of pool on the maroon pool table or play a game of darts in a relaxed setting full of Aggie spirit.

No matter how lively the games in the billiard room get, people in the next room over can watch a movie without interference in the media room. This beautifully decorated room recreates the feel of an old-time theater with its rich colors, heavy draperies and quiet comfort.

The theater-style room can comfortably seats 10-12, but Wyble said it’s not uncommon during parties to see 20-25 taking up every bit of floor and seating space.

Each of the six bedrooms has its own bath and plenty of closet space, but the prime spots are the two master suites at opposite ends of the first floor. At one end is the room designed for Jordan and the one for Mitchell at the other end. While the rest of the house features warm, earthy and understated tones, the master suites come alive with bold colors and unique atmosphere. Jordan’s suite is known in the family as “The Princess Suite.” The colors in the room pop with bold turquoise and shining gold, highlighted by a crystal chandelier and large fireplace.

“The color scheme for this room came from two small fabric samples I showed Lisa and Jordan,” Wyble said. “Jordan picked out those colors and said she wanted that for her room. We always knew this would be ‘The Princess Suite,’ so the colors played in well with that.” Mitchell’s suite was decorated with his love of the outdoors in mind. The walls are a deep forest green and the tile work around the fireplace sports raised tree designs.

“We wanted it to feel like we were pulling the outdoors into the room with the colors we used in Mitchell’s room,” Wyble said. “He has such a great view from the windows here, so the greens and golds play well with what you see outside.”

There’s no doubt that this house built for fun delivers on that promise. Whether they are guests for a party or one of the lucky students getting to live there, this house is bound to leave an impression well after they leave.

Photos By: Chandler Arden