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Home In Style - Buckner Family Home Brenham TexasBy Bill Mau
The Eagle Home In Style Magazine

In the Winter 2011 issue of Home in Style magazine, we visited the home of Carl and Tracey Buckner. The article and photos highlighted the great entertaining and guest areas, but it’s easy to forget while looking at the photos of the resort-style backyard and reception areas that it is also the family’s full-time home. In this issue, we’ll look at the spaces that make this amazing house a home for the Buckners.

The living spaces in the home include five bedrooms, a home office, family living room and kitchen. These rooms by themselves would make for a large house even without all of the entertainment and guest spaces visited in the previous feature.

The Buckners spent three and a half years crafting a home that would be perfect for them. The end result is a home large enough to have unique spaces for everyone, while still having cozy areas for family time.

Creating rooms for children Dagan (14) and Kysan (11) were a big priority for Carl and Tracey. They wanted to create spaces that the children could grow with and to be expressions of their personality.

Kysan’s room is quite possibly the most expressive in the house. unmistakably designed for an 11-year-old girl, this is a room fit for a Disney princess. The walls are awash with pastel shades of turquoise and pink accented by gold moldings and drapes. The bed also reflects these colors.

The recessed portion of the ceiling is the highlight of the room, quite literally. Explosions of pinks, reds, purples and blues mingle with glitter to create a dreamscape above the bed.

Kitchen Cabinets by Kent Moore Cabinets“She (Kysan) wanted sparkles in her room and we did that with her ceiling,” Tracey said. “She can look up and feel like she’s looking at a sparkling, iridescent sky.”

The sparkling motif is carried over into Kysan’s bathroom, where light-reflecting beads were applied to the wall to create a shimmering effect when lit.

Her older brother, Dagan, has much more subdued accommodations. The main furniture in the room is his bed and a table that also serves as a chessboard. One entire wall is taken up by large windows offering a panoramic view of the front yard of the house and far beyond.

“It’s a neat view in the evening,” Tracey said. “He can see the lights from town in Brenham from here, and he can see for miles during the day.”

The kitchen and living room area is where the majority of family time is spent. The two rooms share an open space and allow whoever is cooking to still be a part of the conversation in the living room.

The kitchen provided a challenge for the builders. Tracey wanted a curved front wall in the kitchen, but it was going to be the only true wall in the room. That meant that the kitchen cabinets would have to be fitted onto a curved surface instead Custom Kitchen Cabinets and Bar by Kent Moore Cabinetsof a flat wall, as is customary. Luckily the workers were able to adapt the Kent Moore cabinets to the space, creating a dazzling kitchen.

Aside from the walls, the kitchen has other unique features. The stove is located on the kitchen’s center island and is situated so the cook is facing the living room. The cabinetry on the island is done up in a faux distressed style, giving the room added flare. Most of the appliances are also hidden or disguised as regular cabinets. The sum total is a stylish kitchen with enough space to allow the cook to get adventurous.

The living room sits on the other side of the kitchen’s serving bar. This cozy area features a variety of seating options for family and friends. The focal point of the room is the fireplace with a television built into the mantle. This makes the room a great place to relax with a movie and a fire in the evening.

Carl’s home office is at the other end of the house from the kitchen. With it’s raised floor and windows facing back into the house, the office has the feel of being separate from the house, making it a perfect place to concentrate on paying bills and handling other business that comes through the house. The floor, door and stairs leading into the office are made from 250-year-old reclaimed wood.

“I told the designer that I wanted the office to be a very manly room,” Tracey said. “I didn’t want anything feminine in here as far as colors and that’s how we decided on the wood and to use the wood all the way up the walls.”
Living Room

Perhaps the highlight of the entire house is the master suite. As alluring as the pool in the back yard is, as grand as the spiral staircase is and as stunning as the view of the house from the front drive is, it’s the space created just for Carl and Tracey that truly steals the show.

The bedroom features an overstuffed bed and large windows with motorized drapes. Tracey wanted a bedroom that would be the ultimate in comfort, and is very happy with the results.

“I spared no expense on my mattress,” Tracey said. “I have a great mattress and a feather bed on top of that. You could sleep for days on this bed.”

The adjoining master bathroom and closet are what leave many visitors talking afterwards. From the huge bathtub flanked by Roman-style pillars to the chandelier over the bathroom sinks to the crystal accents on all of the cabinet hardware to a closet larger than many people’s bedrooms, this part of the house would seem perfectly in place on one of the celebrity home television shows.

“I wanted that to be my personal sanctuary,” Tracey said. “I wanted somewhere that I could light some candles, bring the lights down and just relax in my bubble bath away from the rest of the world.”

The bathroom also features a couple’s shower that sends water to the bather from almost every angle imaginable. Tracey said that it is the best shower she’s ever had and completes the feel of an ultimate spa.

Bathroom Custom CabinetsThe use of crystals in the cabinet hardware is a feature Tracey is very proud of. The small orange crystals play off the soft metallic tones of the paints used on the cabinets to create a shimmering effect any time light hits them. Walking across the room heightens this effect since the faceted crystals have multiple surfaces to reflect the light.

“I wanted this to be the show stopper, so we put the little crystals in all the hardware,” Tracey said. “No matter where you walk in the bathroom, you can see them and it makes the area around the sinks very unique.”

Tracey pointed out nothing in her family’s home would have been possible without the help of her designer, Sherry Renfrow Moore with The Design Source. Moore was involved with virtually every piece of furniture and decoration in the home, as well as many of its architectural elements.

“I highly recommend anyone building a large house with lots of details to invest in a designer,” Tracey said. “My designer took almost all of the stress of this process away for me. There were several issues we ran into along the way, and Sherry stepped in and resolved them right away. If it had just been me, I would have lost it. This house turned out better than we ever could have dreamed and it’s all because of Sherry.”

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Editor’s Note:  is is the second of two features on the home of Carl and Tracey Buckner’s home outside of Brenham.

Photos By Chandler Arden

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