I wanted to take a moment to openly thank  Kent Moore Cabinets for their efforts to truly help someone who was directly affected by Tropical Storm Harvey. Being over 68 yrs. old and living alone; it was a daunting task to recover from close to 3 feet of water in my home; losing between 80-90% of my personal effects, clothes and years of mementoes collected over a life time… When purchasing my home, the kitchen and its architectural grade cabinetry had always been the added “pop & sizzle” that was compelling in my decision to purchase this home.

Fast forward 9 years; and I had a new vision as I watched young men demolish these cabinets and structures. When I personally removed one drawer; I saw the name “Kent Moore” burned into the inside of the drawer. Wanting to rebuild as close to the original perfect home I started with, I immediately went on a search until I received a call from Houston Sales trainer, Jim W. In the middle of all this chaos with Kent Moore’s staff being inundated by hundreds of calls every day, he focused on me and my neighborhood. He took me from the bottom of the drawer computer label code to what turned out to be CAD engineering drawings of my entire kitchen and other built-in components throughout the house. Punctuality and follow-up phone calls were military fresh with him; always driving to my work-site. When the bottom line came with no insurance for upper cabinets; Kent Moore put their best foot forward to help me make it happen. To add an even more positive accolade; the cabinets were scheduled and the initial delivery was targeted for WAY BEFORE the dry wall work was scheduled to be completed.

You may be wondering why I took the time to write this. I am a proud guy and it has been difficult to ask for help. There was a quiet meeting between myself and Jim W. in my flooded house; with a message from his CEO that they were committed to help me. Of all the money donated for Houston Tropical Storm Harvey by music concerts, athletic super stars or corporate donations; not one penny will reach me. The direct effort of a caring professional company like Kent Moore and a blanket from a Church in South Carolina have been the sole extent of my support. I am grateful for Kent Moore Cabinets corporate civic agenda of taking care of the past customers during the Harvey storm. I look forward to putting these new gems in my reconstructed home.

Finally, Kudos to Jim Wetegrove; may he train a hundred men and women like him to sell and be as forthright and compassionate as him. Last but not least thank the guys on the floor for their efforts… it took a hell of a lot of effort to take these strongly built cabinets apart!

All the Best,

Jim J.

Tropical Storm Harvey Flood Victim and Proud owner of KMC cabinets
Kingwood, Texas