Dear Sirs, we would like to commend the performance of your salesman, Dave L. and the delivery and installation team that have worked with us for the past month.  Because of Hurricane Harvey, we lost everything in the lower level of our home.  With no flood insurance, we were looking to rebuild our home back to its original beauty but didn’t have the funds to do everything all at once.  This is such an overwhelming feeling and had all of us working/living/existing with high emotions.  As a necessity, we absolutely had to have the cabinets restored.  I was able to get Dave’s information from a neighbor who happens to be a realtor. 

The original cabinets were from Kent Moore.  There is no way we could start over from scratch.  Dave answered my phone call the first time I reached out.  He showed up at our home on the day he promised, spending an abundant amount of time reviewing the floor plan and walking through it all with us.  Several of our neighbors also wanted to talk to him so he was really stretched that day.  We were all still devastated and needed quite a bit of guidance.  Dave came in, took notes and measurements then went back to see if he could find the original plans from when the house was built in 2001. 

During his second visit, we had a better grasp of what was happening and what all we needed to get done.  We had made some plans to remodel the living room and were left with a large open space.  To my amazement, Dave listened to us and just took over.  He had an idea for a dry bar in the living room and just drew it on the wall.  I loved it, and we went with it.  Then we moved to the study where we originally just had built in shelves.  We had recently acquired a very nice desk and I wanted to rebuild something that would go with the desk.  Dave stepped up again and designed a very nice piece that goes beautifully with the desk. 

During this whole event, Dave would email me late in the evening and then respond very early when I replied to him.  I was amazed at the hours he kept and the time he spent working with us.  His patience and ability to listen and understand what we wanted helped us through a very difficult part of this rebuild.  The office called and set up a date and time for delivery.  The cabinets were delivered at 7 am, and the installers arrived shortly after.  All of these employees were very easy to work with and are a great face of Kent Moore Cabinets to have working with the public.


Juliet B