I wanted to take this opportunity to commend Jessie M., who helped me tremendously when I visited your Bryan showroom, after being flooded out of our less than two year old new darling home in The Woodlands, by Hurricane Harvey. I came to look at the displays and found Jessie informative, helpful, had ideas, answered questions and very nice. In the midst of having to reconstruct our home unexpectedly, she helped in many ways, as I had not had the time to really think, let alone plan and design in advance, as I might have with a planned project! 

When my husband and I returned a week or so later to the showroom, Jessie remembered me and was again helpful, as was one of the other team members, that Jessie asked a few questions.  He, too,  jumped right in and helped us with his insights, information, and was very knowledgeable and nice. I believe his name is Dallin (?? sorry I can’t recall for sure his name - but he is officed in the very first cube on the left). We left with a better understanding of what we wanted thanks to this team.

We are also very fortunate to have Jason M. helping us with the project in The Woodlands. When he came out to our mucked out home, he was very caring, very knowledgeable and very professional. He has undoubtedly been working round the clock, to get us and countless others (our entire neighborhood alone flooded, let alone the greater Houston area) answers, prices, and place orders, as quickly as possible. 

Two other employees that we’d like to highlight from our past experiences of building and designing with y’all  is Ramiro and Jerry. Ramiro is an exceptionally skilled craftsman and remedied warranty issues at our home. Jerry was a resource that helped give design and technical answers with a problem during the build process. Both are nice men, highly skilled and professional.  

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. We so appreciate the exceptional team of people that y’all have to help us rebuild and ensure that the end product is once again beautiful, stylish and functional. Yes, we so look forward to once again gathering in our home - and kitchen! 

We are also VERY grateful to Kent Moore for deciding to offer those of us that flooded a great discount directly to the homeowners, right from the start and making every effort to get the cabinets in production as soon as possible. What a huge relief and help this is! Thank you Kent Moore, truly. You have helped lighten a heavy load.

Yes, we are looking forward to being able to return to our home and our lives, so to speak. Know that Kent Moore and your team, have helped this difficult time be less difficult in many ways. Please join me in commending these individuals as well as Kent Moore decision makers for the services, support and discounts  y’all have rendered us and greater Houston post Hurricane Harvey.


Tim and Mary
The Woodlands