Giardina Flatline

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Giardina Flatline


KMC’s interest in waterborne comes from our commitment to quality and environmental stewardship. Today’s waterborne stain produces a more consistent stain on cabinets, more stable storage and a very low VOC content. Because the different stain colors can be set up with the same spray gun settings, using waterborne stain reduces human error and insures that all KMC stains are consistently applied. Waterborne stain does not contain solvents and the materials will not degrade as quickly as solvent-based stains . As well, these non-solvent stains are safer for our planet and our environment. One of the biggest advantages of waterborne stain is the reduction of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. VOC emissions are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Moving to waterborne stains has reduced KMC’s annual VOC emissions by 88%. These lower VOC emissions allowed KMC to increase overall production without harming the environment.



Flatline finishing employs a European approach to cabinetry. Each piece is finished individually and then assembled into the final product. This is very different from the traditional system where products are assembled and then finished. Additionally, the cabinet components benefits from enhanced sanding – programmed sanding machinery and skilled hand sanding – as they flow through the flatline finishing system. On the KMC flatline, components are fed into the finishing system and make multiple passes through stain, sealer and top coat. The computer is programmed for each job and 12 spray heads stain the material. Parts pass through a series of drying ovens and are gently denibbed and further sanded before the sealer and topcoat are applied. After sealer and topcoat, the components move through UV lighting for near-instant curing. Components come out ready for handling; there is no additional wait for the finish to cure, unlike traditional cure times of several hours to several weeks.Using the Giardina Flatline system, KMC has proudly made improvements in the areas of environment, quality and capacity.



UV topcoat is a formula that cures during exposure to ultraviolet lighting as opposed to curing in a drying oven or natural dryingDrying speed is the primary strength of a UV oven system – the coatings are 99% dry in five minutes or less. With this speedy curing process, the flatline components are ready to assemble immediately out of the oven. This means that the parts are more durable while inside the plant and have a reduced chance of finish damage before reaching the customer. With excellent chemical resistance and improved mar resistance, UV finishing has been successfully used on wooden flooring and household furniture. This durability translates into increased value for customers who want their cabinets looking new for many years.



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