Cabinet Trends

Cabinet Trends

Traditional Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional designs and wooden framed cabinets still the most popular style.

Kent Moore Cabinets (KMC) trends plus the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) designer survey.

The look of furniture.

The European influence incorporates accents such as moldings that finish off cabinetry, stand alone cabinets, decorative toe kick treatments, and flattering corner treatments.

Shaker Style Cabinets

Reference KMC individual sales, Better Homes and Gardens and Southern Living magazines, and HGTV.

  • Shaker style replacing the full contemporary look.

  • KMC trends plus NKBA survey of designers.

  • Decorative elements and embellishments Such as corbels, mullion doors, moldings, carvings, onlays, decorative feet, bump outs, bump ups, turnposts, etc.

Our Reference to KMC Trends: Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, HGTV, and Southern Living Magazine.

Decorative Elements and Embellishments

Display Space

Display space popularity is increasing.

Ends of islands, ends of cabinets, open shelving, plate racks. KMC trends plus reported by Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

open floor plan - custom kitchen

A trend toward more open floor plans and bigger kitchens is emerging.

Reported in Builder and Developer Magazine and KMC trends...

Accent pieces add a finishing touch. Islands and vent hoods are the most common accent piece and may be finished with a complimentary but different color of stain or in a different wood species KMC trend and reported in Better Homes and Gardens and Southern Living magazines.



A place for wine.

The NKBA reports over 51% of new designer kitchens had unchilled wine storage cabinets incorporated in the design.

Personalizing wine cabinet storage is on the upswing, referenced by KMC trends, Home and Garden and Southern Living magazines, and HGTV.

Appliance Integration With creative cabinetry panels, appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers can be out of sight but not out of mind, blending in seamlessly with the cabinets in the rest of the kitchen.

Reported by HGTV and Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

KMC Kitchen trend dark finish cabinets

Glazing, Painting and Maple is Number 1

Dark finishes.

At KMC, our two darkest stains make up 40% of our production and the NKBA reports dark finishes were the most specified type of finish.

"Dark finishes dominate in annual kitchen trends survey, as well traditional features such as wood drawers and full-overlay faceframe construction."

~ William Sampson

Special Report - Kitchen Trends go to the dark side but with lighting.

Glazing and distressing continues to be popular. At KMC, over 30% of our cabinets are glazed and/or distressed. According to HGTV, the aged look continues to grow in popularity.

Painted cabinets, especially in white and softer earthtones, are re-emerging as a favorite.

Reference KMC trends, HGTV

  • Maple is still #1 in Texas and nationwide.

  • Maple accounts for 60% of KMC sales.

  • Cherry has always been popular but too expensive for most, however, the price of Cherry has come down!

  • The Texas market also favors Alder and Rustic Alder, and Poplar is an affordable alternative.

  • Variety of choice to achieve a personalized look. All cabinet trend resources report the importance of the power of choice for the consumer.

  • Floor to Ceiling Floor to ceiling cabinetry adds to storage space and accentuates the look and feel of luxury, and may leave more room for windows somewhere else in the kitchen (supported by KMC and Better Homes and Gardens)