Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Kent Moore Cabinets can be built in a variety of full-framed styles. These style classifications may differ by geographic region or by designer.  Many will choose elements from different cabinet styles to create a look that defies classification and compliments the character and architectural styling of the house. Whichever style or combination of styles is chosen, Kent Moore Cabinets can custom build the cabinets to express the desired characteristics.


Traditional style kitchen cabinetsTraditional

Also known as Americana, American Classic or Classic style cabinetry.  This distinctive full framed style includes a more formal appearance with an elegant and timeless design, and frequently features darker finishes with a look of maturity.  Raised panel doors are most frequently used with traditional cabinetry. The character of the cabinets may also include detailed molding and architecture of historic styles from the past few centuries.  This style can be found across America and can be kept simple or complex in detail.



Shaker style kitchen cabinetry, also referred to or related to Mission, Craftsman or Arts and Crafts style cabinets, has become a popular replacement for contemporary cabinets. The design is clean and includes square flat panel doors and a simple look with a bit of styling.  Ornamentation is kept to a minimum, and may include tapered posts and a look of rugged sturdiness. Medium stain colors are preferred and most American wood species are acceptable.






Contemporary or Modern

Contemporary or Modern style kitchen cabinets are built for simplicity and function.  There is little or no ornamentation and surfaces are flat and doors are usually slabs.  The style is very non-traditional and gives a clean and spacious appearance. There may be two colors of complimentary stains in the same kitchen. Closed grain woods like maple are most often used, if not man-made materials, and cabinets are usually full-overlay on framed cabinetry.





Transitional or Eclectic

Transitional or Eclectic kitchen design generally combines a contemporary look with other classic elements to give a unique “today” look.  The cabinets are designed to be not too traditional and not too modern, and are personalized to fit the owner’s individual preferences across multiple styles. Any door style may be used, and wooden cabinetry alongside a steel hood is perfectly acceptable.  Some understated ornamentation such as crown and corbels are acceptable, while maintaining a modern look.  From light to dark stains or painted cabinets, this style is as elegant or as contemporary as the
designer chooses to create.




Ranch or Farmhouse

Ranch or Farmhouse style kitchens are designed to be functional and used, with a natural and timeless look. The cabinetry is often glazed and distressed and may be out of rustic woods. A country feel may be achieved through bead board panels, open shelving and simple frames.  Both light and dark stains are used, and painted cabinets are also common to complete this look of the country lifestyle.





The Cottage style in kitchen cabinetry includes a more feminine look than the farmhouse style, and often includes white painted cabinets and flat panel bead board doors or simple raised panel doors.  The style is relaxed and welcoming and may include plate racks, glass fronts or open display spaces for dishes and collectibles, and unpretentious moldings. The design is simple and inviting, and easy to care for.








Rustic or Rustic Lodge

Rustic or Rustic Lodge style cabinetry is found not only in mountain settings but city dwellings as well.  This cabinet style includes that made-to-be-used look and is built out of rustic open-grained woods that are generally glazed and distressed. Flat panel or raised panel doors can achieve the cozy appearance and large wooden vent hoods are often a focal point of this style. Midrange stain colors are popular in achieving this comfortable rustic look.



Victorian and Renaissance 19th century

Victorian and Renaissance 19th century style kitchen cabinets are similar in their formal and furniture-style appearance.  Typically dark finishes with heavy ornamentation, this graceful style includes raised panel doors, decorative corbels and onlays, inlayed moldings, claw ball feet with the furniture look and glass cabinet doors.  Lighter stained cabinetry yields a less formal, less royal look, to suit the mood of the design.




French Country

The French Country kitchen cabinet style has a European feel and of France and may include glazed rustic woods and wood carvings, accented with illuminated cabinetry. The island is often an off-setting color, yet blends with the ambience of the kitchen Decorative molding and raised panel doors are generally found in this style of kitchen.












Tuscan or Mediterranean

Tuscan or Mediterranean style cabinetry showcases the charm and mood of Italy, with the comfortable warmth and beauty found in richly stained cabinets in natural wood tones or painted earth tones.  The design may include open for glass cabinetry and stacked crown molding and the finish is often distressed and glazed.






Mexican Kitchen Design

The Mexican Kitchen Design features the bold colors of Mexico and the look and feel of a vibrant and welcoming cooking environment.  The cabinet look may be accented by a spicy blend of decorative corners, bump out and bump up cabinets, stained glass door fronts, and finished with light or dark stains with glazing.




Old World

An Old World style kitchen never goes out of style. Cabinetry elements of this grand kitchen include dark stained woods with a look of heavy richness and opulence.  The timeless and hand-crafted look connects this kitchen to history.  Ornate corbels, molding and trim bring this classical architectural style to full circle.