Kent Moore Cabinets uses custom formulated waterborne stains, seal-coat and topcoat. These products are the most environmentally friendly finish materials found anywhere in the world today and are specially formulated for use on the state-of-the-art flatline finishing system. (click here for more information on the flatline) These materials and the technologically advanced application process produce a consistent, durable and long-lasting finish, revealing the deep and complex beauty of natural wood cabinets.

From classically beautiful and consistent flatline finished stains, to exceptional hand-rubbed stains, hand-applied glazing and inking, and multiple distressing options, there are nearly never ending possibilities and combinations to choose from. So Get Inspired, with Kent Moore Cabinets finishes!

Visit your nearest Design Center to see actual door samples with a large representation of our finish offerings.

New Hand-Rubbed Stains

Alder Finishes
Cherry Finish
Hickory Finish
Oak Finishes
Maple Finishes
Poplar Finishes