Gary's Testimonial

Great product; exceptional customer service! Purchased Kent Moore cabinets for extensive kitchen/family room remodel. Installed 'frosty white low with brown full glaze' cabinets, bookcases, and entertainment center in December 2009.

Kent Moore design team in Dallas drafted a comprehensive plan and patiently applied changes we requested. Working with our general contractor, the Kent Moore team efficiently installed all cabinets.

We were quite pleased! The cabinets have proven to be very durable and still look stunning. In June 2017, we experienced a problem with two of the hinges in a high traffic area. We contacted Kent Moore to find out where we could find replacement hinges.

Victor Mendez, Vice President of Sales - West Region fielded our request, did some research on our installation and determined what type of hinges were used. After a few weeks we received six hinges in the mail. No charge - just a thank you for being a Kent Moore customer!

Exceptional customer service seven years after the purchase. We highly recommend Kent Moore products and service. Good news is Kent Moore is opening a new office in Frisco Texas